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Write organization is created with “Technology for welfare” distinct slogan by wrITegroupz technologies with no participation or representation of any government. It maintains its non-governmental status insofar as it excludes government representatives from membership in the organization and wholly funded by wrITegroupz itself. Developing innovative product for financial, healthcare and environment industry, workflow optimization solutions, providing management consulting solutions makes wrITegroupz to provide all their expertise for free where it needed to be when it is already capturing the respective industry in First world countries.

Enviroment Protection
Working for a cleaner, healthier environment by providing tools and technology to monitor any possible violence’s that can adversely effect the environment. read more...
Good Governance
Ensure sustainable human development through providing technological solutions that helps process of decision-making.
Cooperation Learning
The CLI at writegroupz is focused to help schools, colleges and communities improve student achievement and community building respectively read more...
Children Protection
Aiming towards protecting every child from any sort of developmental disorders through the early interventional and diagnostic technological solution.
wrITegroupz Cooperative Learning Institute - Technology for Walfare